Starting 11 Stats allows ANY football team, could be a pub team, a youth team, a school team, a pro/semi professional team the ability to have their very own club app!

Starting 11 Stats allows ANY football team, could be a pub team, a youth team, a school team, a pro/semi professional team the ability to have their very own club app! With your very own club app, the following features are available:

News - keep up to date with any key news from the club, such as social events

Matches - keep records of all games including goal and assist information, player ratings, line-ups, substitutes, formations and more!

Players - all the stats you could want for each player, including trophies to show the club best

Charts - see where your placed against the rest of the squad in the rankings

League - show your league table for your club

Links - add a link to your clubs Facebook/Twitter account or a website

Honours - show your clubs honour roll

Club Info - add key information such as contact details or club representatives, links to maps etc.

Player Fees - Track Players Fees, from training to match day and more!

Contact Form - Allow users the ability to contact your club direct from the App

And with every app you can select your own colour schemes, fonts, graphics and more! Meaning your app doesn't need to be a generic looking app - it becomes your very own app! Check out the screenshots to see how good it looks! Full customisation is available when purchasing the Pro, Pro Plus or Ultimate Package.

How It Works

Simple. Download the Starting 11 Stats app from Amazon (here), Apple (here) or Google Play (here). Then sign up your club using the form in the App. Once your club is added to the Edit Menu, you can update your app with some starter details (players, club names etc). Then after a game, update the app on your mobile device with the match details (line-ups, goalscorers etc - this could be a fan at the game, a sub, a coach etc), upload to the Starting 11 Stats server and boom! Every player, fan, staff of your club that downloads the app can now see the latest results, player stats, ratings, charts, everything! Who's got the best Goals to Game ratio? Who's got the most clean sheets? Who's got the worst disciplinary record? Now it's time to find out! There's even a Fantasy points option so you can have a bit of competition throughout the season to see who would be the highest fantasy points scorer or what your best 11 would be based on the seasons performance!

How Much Will It Cost?

What I really want is for football clubs to have their very own downloadable app on all the main app stores out there. The problem is that if you approach a software development company to create an app for you, you can start looking at £500+ just for a basic application. That's where Starting 11 Stats comes in. There are 5 package options available for Starting 11 Stats - Free, Basic, Pro, Pro Plus and Ultimate

Free! – Everyone starts with the Free package. This only enables the ‘Players’ and ‘Matches’ modules on your shared App, with limited Player Stats available.

Basic (£10) – In addition to the Free package, the ‘League’ and ‘Charts’ modules will be available on your shared App, with full Player Stats available.

Pro (£30) – You get all the features of Starting 11 Stats, including full customisation of your App with the exception of custom images (which are used in Match Reports, News Items, Player Profiles, Club Logos and custom background images).

Pro Plus (£50) – Same as Pro, but with the ability to use custom images, logos and player profile pictures. The logos are used on your Home Screen, matches and league table sections, with the custom images used in your App’s background (Home Screen and other sections). You can also add images to Match Reports and News Items. With the addition of your own images, it makes your app just that little bit more professional.

Ultimate (£100) - Finally the Ultimate Edition gives you the same access as the Pro Plus option, but instead of your users having to use the generic Starting 11 Stats app to view your app, they will be able to download the clubs very own App from all the top App stores! This option will take a few weeks to appear on the App stores due to the timescales involved for the stores to process new Apps. Probably around 1-2 weeks. If you wish to proceed with the Ultimate option, you will need to email further details (for example a club logo to be used as your App logo).

I’ve set what I think are great prices. For example £30 for the Pro package, for a whole year of your clubs very own customisable mobile app. If you have a squad of say 20 players that would use the App frequently, that’s just £1.50 per player for a whole season! And your very own App on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for £100? If you ask any software company to develop and build your own App, you can starting looking at £500-£1000 for starters!

Fancy a Discount on these prices? For a 10% discount, just post something on your social networks like Facebook or Twitter, mentioning how great the App is (tag in Starting 11 Stats Facebook page if possible). Just do this prior to making your package purchase. If you do decide to post something then just select the discounted rate if using Paypal, or take 10% off the prices above when using a bank transfer.

You can upgrade at any time, so you can even start with the basic and I'm sure once you've tried it, you'll be looking to upgrade to the Pro, if not the Ultimate package! So Sign Up today to start your Starting 11 Stats app! Your Welcome Email with your log in details also contains further information about signing up for the season by using Paypal (link below) or a bank transfer.